Synthetic Data

Book? Second draft (with tech review comments addressed) off to editors.

Boat? Still on the hard during Hurricane Season.

Synthetic Data

I've had a passing interest in data synthesis for decades.

Early on in my career, I figured out how the Z/OS IEDBG utility worked. See …

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Git Nightmare

My sailing blog, Team Red Cruising is very large: 859 postings over the last few years. 2,334 image files.

This is a LOT of content.

A few of the files (were) Movies, which tend to create immense files.

The whole mess was so big

How Big Was It?

It …

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DBLock Context Manager

Consider, for a moment, the shelve and dbm packages for storing things in a “database.” Built-in. Lightweight. The database is essentially a mapping from identifiers to objects. It can be quite nice.

The shelve module directly puts Python objects in a file. It’s an ideal database structure for Python …

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More Reasons to Stop Bash-ing

There are many good reasons to use shell scripts. Mostly, a script can be useful when it's an alias that launches an application. Beyond that, I have doubts.


Incumbency is a popular argument for bash.

It's not a good argument, however.

Use invoke and you'll be much happier.

Background …

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It's Not THE Ternary Operator -- there are many

I'm sick of reading about THE Ternary Operator.

There is not merely a single operator that is ternary. There are many operators that are ternary.

Here's one example:

>>> 6+1 >= 6 >= 6-1

The >= >= operator is ternary. It has 3 operands. Count them.

There are a 36 of these ternary operators …

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